Listing out Top 10 Desert Safari Deals

Many people are keen to opt for trips and vacations every year for a change in their hectic schedule.  The idea is no doubt great and it helps peoples to come out with extra will power and motivation towards their work. In this context, it is important to mention that a lot of things depend on the type of place people are visiting. Some places are meant for relaxation but there are certain places that embark on a great adventure.  This post mainly deals with a kind of deals that would change the overall outlook of a person. Yes, it is all about desert safari deals.

Top 10 Desert Safari Deals

 About the Trip

When it comes to desert, then nothing can be much better than the beauty of the sand dunes in Dubai. Most of the people have stated that desert safari in the desert of Dubai is one of the most iconic city and the most sought-after past time activity for them. The country is loaded with some sprawling endless deserts and they are filled with end number of sand dunes that offer tourists as well as its locals with a fun time activity. The full list of things to do in Dubai is available here.

Let’s focus on top 10 favorite desert safari deals.

  1. Catching the sun rise from the dunes

The great Arabian Desert is one of the most iconic places to be headed during the sun rise. The visuals in the morning are considered as the most photogenic spectacle that one could ever see in the desert. The entire atmosphere will bask in the awesomeness.

  1. Safari on a Camel

This is one such activity which one should never be missed by people opting for desert safari in Dubai. Exploring the desert that too on a camel is one of the most fascinating things one could ever come across. Falcon demonstration is also one of the most fascinating parts of this safari deal.

  1. Dune Bashing

This is a safari where visitors will get into a jeep and will explore the uneven paths of desserts for a 30-minutes ride. This will be an adrenaline-rushing experience for the people.

  1. Sand Ski

This is the most adventurous sports one could ever try in Dubai. The sand dune usually remains at a height of 200-300 meters and they are ideal for the sand skiing.

  1. Hot air ballooning

If you want to enjoy a 360-degree view of the gigantic Arabian dessert then this could be an ideal option for you. The balloon can hold 24 people at a time, so it can be a great experience for you.

  1. Quad biking

Opting for a quad bike riding in the desserts is one of the most thrilling and adventurous sports you can ever come across in Dubai. It is a perfect gateway for the adventure enthusiasts.

  1. Enjoying the Dusk

Being a part of the sunset moment is amazing in itself. The orange color ambiance of the desert rising from the behind of sand dunes is simply outstanding to watch.

  1. Be a part of happening Night

Dubai is one such country which is well-known for its happening night life where you will be offered with great dancers, Arabic culture and lot more. You will also get to enjoy the hot Arabic belly dancing.

  1. Overnight Safari with Late Night Sun Bashing

Sun bashing in the morning is something and doing it at night is something different. This would be the best ever sports one could ever come across.

  1. Exploring the Taste of Arabic Flavor

Arabian food is always best known for its delicacy and mouthwatering taste. Enjoy the culinary tradition of Dubai and get mesmerized.

So, these were some of the most exciting and thrilling desert safari deals that you can enjoy your vacations with your loved ones. Make sure to include all the deals discussed above to make it once in a lifetime experience. Hopefully, the deals mentioned above are fascinating enough for the readers and they will make something great out of it.

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