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But now bak in Urumqi, and heading off for Hotan tomorrow 5th March. The good idea I had was to try and joined a camel train across the desert, they still do travel that way, but could only get a tourist trek into the desert for a day and night for some ridiculous amount of money. So that will be my next project to come aback and hire some camels a guide and cross the Taklamakan Desert the long way, west to east, in the summer when its a blisteringly hot 49 degrees +, just to make it a challenge. But I’ve got another good idea – buy a tent and camp in the mountains and deserts of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and so on, and I’ve found a shop where I can get a good one cheap.

18th February 2006

Left Xiahe, and in a way glad to. Had a great time and loved the place, but the dust storms were pretty bad at times. One day that was bad, going down a lane, about 400 yards long, one minute it was nice and clear blue, then you could see a white cloud of dust coming towards me – it was a total white out. I could see it coming with nowhere to go, all I could do was turn may back and wait for it to pass. Absolutely smothered it dust, at the end of the day caked in the stuff. It would like putting an industrial strength exfoliant on your face, hand and teeth and leaving it there all day! And when I had a wash, well you wouldn’t believe the colour of the water. But after a couple of days of it had a sore chest. The birthday party was good fun, no horrible music, just nice gentle day. Although I was bloated from eating noodle soup and fried noodles for 4 days and wasn’t really hungry, and so apologized in case they thought I was being rude and not eating.

Had to spend a day in Lanzhou before getting the train to Jiayuguan, so went to the museum. Two miles the book said. Two miles is about halfway and by the time I found it my nose had taken a beating, still about -6 degrees, and was bright red. But least I could go into the museum to warm up, or so I thought. It was closed, still being renovated, although they had promised to have it ready for start of 2006. To say I was miffed would be an understatement, bloody livid, so decided to get the bus back into town. Before I got to the bus stop an old man with a young boy stopped me and pointed to my nose, lit his lighter (to say my nose looked like it was on fire) and pretended to throw a small bottle of water over it. He laughed, the little boy laughed and I laughed But the second time was to much, so I called him a bloody lemon and walked off! Oh, by the way, something happen in the hotel that was so bad, I can only tell it when I’m drunk!! 

Kedah located at the northern peninsular of Malaysia, is the most ancient state in Malaysia.

It has a history which started from the 5th century AD. Kedah is Malaysia’s main rice producer state with a huge area of paddy field, occupies an area of 9425 sq km in the north of the peninsular Malaysia and border of Thailand.

In this ancient state, you can find the Asia’s first Geopark which is one of the tourist attraction. In Kedah, one of the popular island resort that attract a lot of tourists all year long is Langkawi. Langkawi is a beautiful island where you can relax and enjoy the wind breeze by the beach, go for snorkeling at the marine park or enjoy watching eagle feeding at the mangrove swamp.

Besides, you can take the cable car to the hill top of Gunung Machincang and have a bird view of Kedah and border of Thailand from there.

There are many tourist attractions in the mainland of Kedah which include the world’s longest tree top walk at Sedim, Kulim and the archaeological site at the ancient Bujang Valley.  Alor Setar is Kedah capital city with historic buildings spreading across the state.